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Department of Public Health

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The Health Promotion Option prepares public health professionals to fulfill leadership roles in the development, promotion, application, and evaluation of educational and behavioral approaches to health problems.

In addition the Master of Public Health Program prepares individuals for the practice, supervision, program development and evaluation of community health education and health promotion programs.

Upon completion of this option graduates should be able to:

  • Assess the individual and community needs for health education and health promotion.
  • Develop, plan, implement and evaluate health education and health promotion programs for specific populations in various settings.
  • Organize and coordinate health education and health promotion services to specific communities
  • Communicate health and health education/health promotion needs, results and resources.
  • Understand the relationships between comprehensive health promotion and programmatic, policy, and political issues.

42 units needed to complete the program
Course Course Title  Units
PH 202 Advanced Public Health Statistics  3
PH 203 Seminar in Community Health Organization 3
PH 206 Environment and Occupational Health 3
PH 208 Health Promotion 3
PH 209 Advanced Concepts in Epidemiology 3
PH 210 Introduction to Health Policy 3
PH 213 Health Planning and Program Evaluation 3
PH 223 Health Promotion and Policy Advocacy 1
PH 225I Foundations in Health Promotion 3
PH 225IIS Foundation in Health Promotion Part 2 3
PH 280 Seminar in Techniques of Health Research 3

Course Course Title Units
PH 285 Internship in Public Health 4

Course Course Title Units
PH 297 Professional Competencies in the Field of Public Health 4
PH 298 Project 4
PH 299 Thesis 4