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Department of Public Health

Values Statement

We are Public Health professionals dedicated to improving the health of communities. In achieving this goal, we are committed to the pursuit of:

Community: To enable communities to address their unique Public Health problems, lower barriers to action, and act as a resource for progress.

Knowledge: To engage in the pursuit, development and dissemination of knowledge that will lead to the improvement of the public's health.

Professionalism: To perform the duties and responsibilities of Public Health professionals with integrity and collegiality in learning, teaching and public service.

Professional Ethics: Adhering to the duties and responsibilities in the established codes of conduct for the fields of Public Health (The Moral Clause).

Advocacy: To ensure equitable access to quality public health, health resources and public policies.

Diversity: To recognize and respect the cultural and other contributions of all members of the community in the access to public health resources.

Scholarship: To teach students methods to understanding the scope of current public health knowledge and by contributing to future public health knowledge through research.