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Department of Recreation Administration


"Degree Plans" also known as "Advising Sheets" are available on-line and in the RA office to help students monitor their progress toward degree completion. Students are reminded that these sheets do not replace formal advising. The sheets represent general requirements; please check your catalog to ensure that all degree requirements have been met. Substitutions for program requirements may only be made with the approval of your RA academic advisor.

Advising Notes 

  1.  Every new major is to complete the Recreation Administration Major Advising Information form, available from your advisor or outside the department office, and submit it to the office. Students should complete an updated form as needed. 
  2. As part of the RA 55 course, students complete a "Degree Plan" assignment that schedules all their remaining courses to complete a degree. If a student enters the curriculum with a transfer course in place of RA 55, then the student should meet with their emphasis advisor to create a Degree Plan. Students can also meet with the Department Chair and/or other faculty prior to RA 55 to complete a preliminary Degree Plan.
  3. Academic advising is typically conducted each semester concurrent with the release of the schedule of courses for the upcoming semester; however, students may meet with their advisor at any time. Students are encouraged to check regularly with their faculty advisor to ensure that they are on track for graduation.
  4.  Many RA courses have pre-requisites. It is the student responsibility to be aware of pre-requisite requirements and plan accordingly. The current course catalog is a good resource for pre-requisite information.
  5.  CR/NC grading is not permitted in the recreation administration major with the exceptions of REC 74, 75, 82, 84, 86, 88, RA 115, and 192T. Please note the university allows a maximum of 24 credit units to apply toward graduation.
  6. General education and elective units may be used toward a minor. Consult the appropriate department chair, or faculty advisor for further information.
  7. Students who must complete a course to fulfill the university Upper-Division Writing Skills requirement are advised to take BA105W. About 50% of students who take the written test (Upper-Division Writing Examination “UDWE”) pass it. This test is given about twice each semester, and students must pre-register. Call 278-2457 to check on the schedule for the tests.
  8. Completion of the Upper Division Writing Skills requirement is a pre-requisite for RA 139. This requirement must be complete in order to register for RA 139.
  9.  Only a grade of C or higher is acceptable for all Recreation Administration courses used in the major (requirements are slightly different for students whose catalog year is prior to 2010, students should consult their catalog).
  10.  Students may apply for an out of state internship if they achieve a major GPA of 3.3 and a Fresno State cumulative GPA of 3.0. See the internship manual for additional information.
  11. Graduation requirements may be slightly different depending on the year a student begins at California State University, Fresno or Community College. Students should consult their DARS to determine their catalog year.
  12.  If a student receives less than a ‘C’ in a course, the course may be repeated. Students should be aware that the university has specific policies regarding the number of units that may be repeated and the number of times a course may be attempted. Students should consult with the Admissions, Records, and Evaluations office for further information.
  13. DARS reports for transfer students may take as long as six months (after students start classes at Fresno State) to be processed by the University Evaluations Office. Students seeking more immediate help regarding their GE courses should schedule an appointment with a College of Health and Human Services Academic Counselor by calling 559.278.5027 or emailing


Faculty in the Recreation Administration Program each have advising responsibilities. Each advisor schedules their own appointments. Please feel free to contact the advisor directly who will best address your needs:

Samuel Lankford 559.278.2624

Jason Whiting  559.278.8749

Samuel Lankford 559.278.2624

Brandon Taylor  559.278.2315

Michael Mahoney  559.278.5263

Nancy Nisbett  559.278.7886

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