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Department of Social Work Education

2015 Alumni Legacy Dinner

"Celebrating Our Social Work Heroes"

Click on the link below to view pictures from our Legacy Dinner!



We had a wonderful "Legacy Dinner" this year, where we celebrating our Social Work Heroes. We honored Social Work heroes Dr. Richard Ford, Dr. Ben Cuellar, and Corinne Florez. This event served as the largest celebration of social work in the Central Valley. It was a great time of connecting with friends and colleagues! See our slide show above. 

We hope you join us in 2017 for our next one!

leg dinn

Faculty, staff, and volunteers have decorated cups which will be auctioned off the night of the event. All proceeds will go to support Cup of Kindness.

cups of kindness


Legacy Dinner On The NEWS. . .

pic news

Memories from our 2013 Legacy Dinner . . .

Slide Show #1

slide show #1

Slide Show #2

legacy dinner slideshow 2

Slide Show #3

legacy dinner slideshow 3

Slide Show #4

legacy dinner slideshow 4

Slide Show #5

legacy dinner slideshow 5