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Department of Social Work Education


(Applies to Non Social Work Majors Only)

MSW Application for Fall 2024 has closed.

Three prerequisites (research methods/data analysis, human development over the life span, and cultural diversity) are required for non-social work majors.

Please see our most current pre-approved prerequisite lists for each requirement.

To inquire whether a course you have already taken meets one of the requirements listed above, you should: 

  • Fill out the MSW Course Substitution form and submit with any required documents to Jose Torres at .

  • Explain how the course(s) you took meets the requirement.

  • Include a copy of the syllabus if the course you put on the form is not on the pre-approved list above.

  • Include a copy of your unofficial transcript showing your passing grade in that specific course. If the course is in progress, please note that on the form.

  • Note: The preapproved list is subject to change. Before enrolling in a course not listed or offered by an institution other than Fresno State, please verify the course meets the prerequsites by completing and submitting the MSW course substitution form.


RESEARCH METHODS/DATA ANALYSIS - qualitative or quantitative data analysis (applications to social sciences or health sciences recommended).

A specific data analysis (quantitative or qualitative) course in a social science discipline (e.g., psychology, anthropology, sociology, criminology). Similar courses in areas such as education, health science, and human services are also accepted.

If the data analysis content was contained within a “research methods” course, you should provide a copy of the syllabus to document this content. 

Introductory statistics taken to meet the lower division math requirement in a GE pattern is not accepted UNLESS it meets a stated data analysis requirement for a social science major (e.g., psychology, anthropology, sociology, criminology) and your course work includes at least 1 research methods course in the social science major or a more general research methods course for the “social sciences” that is required for the major. Please provide documentation of these requirements.

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT OVER THE LIFE SPAN/HEALTH ISSUES - exclusive focus on human biological development over the life span/health issues.

A course that includes content such as human biological development over the life span, the biological bases of behavior, and health issues over the life span (covers prenatal to old age).

Introductory Biology courses, cell/human biology, human sexuality, etc. are not accepted.

A health course (equivalent to CSUF’s Public Health 90) is the most common course taken by applicants. It may also be taken at a community college.

CULTURAL DIVERSITY - ethnic/cultural systems or women’s studies.

MUST be an upper division course in study of an ethnic/cultural group or community/group based on identity or status. Community college/junior college courses do not satisfy this prerequisite.

The courses are grouped by prerequisite type. If a course you have taken is on the list, put "yes" on the substitution request form. If it is not, then put "no".  You can find the current pre-approved list here

For More Information Contact:


Department of Social Work Office 
Phone 559.278.3992   
Office: PHS 128    


Randy Nedegaard
MSW Program Coordinator

Jose Torres
MSW Program Administrative Assistant