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Department of Social Work Education

BASW Title IV-E Child Welfare Program

Requirements and Eligibility


  • Full time stipend recipients must have completed required eligibility criteria.
  • Priority will be given to current public child welfare employees and applicants who reflect the diverse client populations currently served by child welfare agencies in California.
  • County employee applicants must have a letter of support prepared by their County Director approving their participation in the program.
  • Only current county employees may participate in the part-time program.

The BA-SW Title IV-E Social Work Program provides full-time undergraduate students entering in their senior year of field internship, who are preparing for careers directed toward child welfare practice with one year of financial support at $15,000 per year, effective Fall 2004. Admittance to the part-time program is limited to current employees of CWS, DSS, or CDSS. County employees may enter in their junior year and will receive full tuition and fees, book costs, and mileage for each day of class or fieldwork.

  • Enrollment, attendance, and participation in SWRK 128 Child Welfare course.
  • Enrollment in child welfare field internship placement.
  • "Payback" Employment Obligation via one year of full-time employment within a county child welfare agency.

  • Completion of Pre-Social Work Major Courses with a GPA of 2.7 or better.
  • Declared major in Social Work with a cumulative GPA of 2.50.
  • Completion of general education and upper division requirements by the end of the junior year if attending full-time.
  • Completion of general education requirements up to the junior year if attending on part-time basis.
  • Completion of upper division writing course.
  • Clearance from your advisor and field placement interview with the Field Coordinator if eligible to participate in field internship.

FALL 2024 APPLICATION for BASW Child Welfare Program 

Applications are now being accepted for Fall 2024!

Applications Deadline February 17, 2024


  • Printable Version of Application for Reference
    • Downloaded to assist you with preparing and gathering documents that will need to be uploaded during the application process. Use this as a checklist prior to beginning the application process.  

Application Instructions (read carefully): The application needs to be completed and submitted at one time. It cannot be saved to return to later.

  1. Complete all sections that apply to you.

  2. There are multiple sections that require applicant to upload documents. Upload the documents for each section, as you are completing the application.

  3. To avoid complications and/or incomplete duplicates, submit the application only once. 

  4. For questions or assistance you may email Vincent Latham, Pearl Fraijo, or Cheryl   Whittle at

Attention Mobile Device Users: Please note the size of each file before you attempt to download.

For further information contact our Title IV-E office

Phone: 559.278.3076
Office: PHS 115