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Department of Social Work Education

Field Internships

Fall 2021 Semester:

Internship experience is an essential component of the BA and MSW programs in the Department of Social Work Education at Fresno State.  The national social work accrediting body, the Council on Social Work Education, has designated field as the “signature pedagogy” of the profession to highlight its importance in professional education and training.  A wide variety of agency settings and a strong and diverse cadre of agency-based field supervisors and instructors make it possible for the department to individualize the practice interests of students.  A satisfactory field experience depends on the joint efforts of the student, field supervisor or instructor, faculty liaison, faculty advisor, and the Field Coordinators.

The student actively participates in identifying his/her learning needs and shaping the educational process. Together, the field supervisor or instructor, the faculty liaison, the faculty advisor, and the Field Coordinator, help the student make optimal use of the agency’s learning opportunities and integrate classroom knowledge with field practice.

There are a number of important resources located on this website to support a successful field learning experience. Field instructors can find the field calendar, field manuals, concurrent assignments and information on field instructor training under the Field Instructor tab on the left.  Students can also find information under the Field Students tab on the left. This information is organized around applying for field based on program level, as well as resources to support their learning while enrolled in field at the BA, MSW 1 and MSW 2 levels.

Field instruction is a practicum and will continue to be delivered through the approved, community-based agencies to which BA and MSW students have been assigned.  Students engaged in internships are also reminded to follow University Reporting Requirements for COVID-19:

If you are a student who is studying, working, living on campus, or participating in experiential learning (such as:  internships, field work, service learning) and test positive for COVID-19, or suspect/have been informed that you have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, please contact Janell Morillo, associate vice president for Student Health, Counseling and Wellness, immediately at 559.278.0276 or AND complete this online form. Once received, the appropriate campus officials, including the vice president for administration and the director of environmental health, safety and risk management will be notified, and they will review. We ask that you also self-isolate/quarantine and do not return to campus or your experiential learning location until you've been cleared by a campus official to do so.  As a reminder, your health information is confidential.

Assignments in field are guided by the program Learning Agreement which will be available the first day of instruction.  Due to the wide variability of our community context, individual student needs, and agency capacity to provide remote learning options, students will need to work with their assigned agency and field faculty regarding the nature of field assignments and document plans in the learning agreement.  Students who have the option of engaging in some remote learning assignments can find a list of Remote Learning Ideas in the Canvas Social Work Field organization.

Updates on field requirements and policies will be provided via email as they become available through the semester.  Be sure to monitor this website and your Fresno State email carefully for important updates.

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