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Department of Social Work Education

Gerontology FAQs

The Gerontology Program Office is located in Professional Human Services Building (PHS) 107A. You can call or email Dr. Helen Miltiades at (559) 278-7253 for more information.

You must go to admissions and records in the Joyal Administration building in order to declare both the minor and certificate. The Gerontology Program also requires an application which can be obtained from Dr. Miltiades in Professional and Human Services Building (PHS) 107A.

A Special Major in Gerontology combines gerontology courses with another major.  Students are given the opportunity to design their own major. Current existing Special Majors are:   Please see Dr. Miltiades if you want to explore this option.

For every hour of credit, 40 hours of internship experience are required. To earn three units of credit, 120 internship hours are required. Over a 15 week period, this averages out to 8 hours a week.

We do not offer internships during the summer. Internships must be scheduled for the Fall or Spring semester. You must schedule your internship the semester before you wish to take the internship. 
Please see Dr. Helen Miltiades for more information.

This is determined on an individual basis. You will need to discuss your options with Dr. Helen Miltiades.

Students have two options for an independent study. They may choose to research a topic of interest and write a detailed paper. This paper is more extensive than a standard term paper. A student may also choose to conduct a research project. Both options are supervised by the Coordinator of the Gerontology Program. If you are interested in an independent study, please contact Dr. Miltiades. 

Depending on your major it may be possible to double count credits. You need to check with your major department to see if they allow double counting. 

We currently do not offer a Masters in Gerontology. 


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