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Department of Social Work Education

Our Mission and Vision 

Mission and Vision  



We seek a society that is respectful, culturally inclusive, compassionate, and just. 


To prepare our students for service and leadership in the Central Valley and globally in order to dismantle systemic oppression through relationship building, dialogue, advocacy, and empowered collective action. 


We commit to prioritizing and modeling the following values and have them guide our interactions with our colleagues, students and communities, how we carry out our mission and vision, make program decisions, and the curriculum we teach:  

To engage in and promote fair and equitable treatment of all people, all the time, in all places. 

To demonstrate respect for differences and practice inclusion. 

To leverage shared resources to facilitate capacity building and promote human rights. 

To promote forms of leadership that practice the qualities of humility, integrity, teamwork, respect, pro-action, critical thinking, and empathy. 

To facilitate interactions in which individuals and communities are invited to listen and speak authentically, respectfully and boldly.