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Department of Social Work Education

Chi Nu Honors Society

Chi Nu Honors Society  

About Us

CHI NU Social Work Honors Society is a Chapter of PHI ALPHA National Honors Society composed of undergraduate and graduate social work students. The purpose of this organization is to promote a closer bond among students of social work and to enter into more intimate fellowship with those dedicated to the promotion of humanitarian goals and ideals by a professional group which quality education preparation is deemed imperative and resolve to sponsor a Chapter of Phi Alpha National Honor Society, thereby to foster high standards of education for social work and to invite into membership those who have attained excellence of scholarship and distinction of achievement as students of social work. Membership in the organization shall be open to only social work students-enrolled in California State University, Fresno.There shall be other requirements for admission to regular membership as deemed by the CHI NU Executive Committee. Each regular member has equal rights and privileges.

Meeting Dates

Chi Nu tentatively meets the first Thursday of every month from 5:00pm-6:00pm in PHS 213.

Our Facebook link is

Governing Board

President: Patrick Galindo

Vice President: Raul Palma

Judge Advocate: Avelina Charles

Finance: Elizabeth Alvarez

Adjutant: Jessica Camarillo

Community Service: Sandy Vongthong

Social Media: Rosio Ibarra

Membership Officer: Grisell Franco

Historian: Mallory Cassle 



Patrick Galindo, President

Advisor Contact: